The ONLY Program you need if you are an entrepreneur and freelancer to get more customers & make multi-million sales even if you haven’t created a single ad before!

Yes, show me how!


The ONLY Program you need if you are an entrepreneur and freelancer to get more customers & make multi-million sales even if you haven’t created a single ad before!


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Are you a freelancer who runs ads for clients?

(Perhaps, until now wala ka pang service to offer)…

Or a business owner selling online using social media?

If you’re either of the two…

aren’t you amazed…

“How do these freelancers and business owners get profitable by just running Facebook & TikTok ads?”

You might have enrolled in other Facebook and TikTok Ads Courses, watched tutorials on Youtube or even hired a coach just to get the results you want.

The thing is:

And worst of all…


No one seems to care about your rejected ads or restricted ad account.

They don’t care why your sales, cost and Return on Ad Spent (ROAS) are dropping week after week.

Until you finally stopped offering Facebook and TikTok Ads because you think you’re NO GOOD. And now starting from scratch as a Freelancer.

Or close your business, end your journey as an entrepreneur, fire your employees and go back to your full-time job you hate so much.

We’ve been there too!

*Photo of our 2nd Anniversary Celebration with AdsLevelUp Students & Mentors!

That’s why we created The AdslevelUp Program.

Our mission is simple:

“Help Filipino Freelancers & Entrepreneurs, start and scale a profitable online business using social media ads!”

AdsLevelUp is the home of the top Facebook and TikTok Ads Experts in the Philippines founded by Jungie Gumiran.

Jungie is a consultant to Multi-million businesses in the country, hundreds of CEOs and thousand more freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Jungie’s experience and his team’s knowledge in managing multi-billion campaigns are put together in The AdsLevelUp Program so it can help you…

Grow from a complete beginner to an FB Ads and TikTok Ads specialist –
Real Quick!

For the Complete Beginner

We designed AdsLevelUp to be newbie-friendly. Watch yourself transform from a beginner to a Facebook and TikTok Ads Expert!

For the Freelancer and Business Owner

If you already run Facebook and TikTok Ad campaigns for clients or your own business, our advanced lessons, hands-on mentorship, and expert-led masterclass will take your skills and results to the next level!

Yes, show me how!


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Meet them When You Join the Program

What You’ll Get As An

1. Easy-to-Understand Video Trainings

We have 3 Online Courses:

These courses have a total of 20+ modules and 80+ video lessons. Plus, all the videos are pre-recorded so you can watch them at your own convenience.

2. Monthly Coaching Calls

Every month, we conduct LIVE coaching calls.

We cover topics such as updated Facebook Ads strategy & other marketing and business-related lessons.

3. Monthly Business  Masterclasses

Also happening every month, we invite experts in social media marketing, e-commerce, branding, & more, to conduct a Masterclass and share their expertise.

This broadens your perspective and helps identify potential opportunities for your business growth.

4. Active Support Group

Unlike other Facebook groups, the AdsLevelUp community is highly engaged!

We have dedicated community manager that makes things organized and ensures questions and requests are answered in a timely manner. 

Ask questions, get help and even collaborate with like-minded people.

5. Mentor Group

This alone is worth the price of the program!

Each Mentor Group is led by a dedicated expert who specializes in a specific Facebook Ads skill.

We have mentors who are skilled in eCommerce, Messenger and chatbots, online courses, and more.

If you’re a beginner, you can join exclusive mentor groups who are in the same level as you so don’t get overwhelmed with too advanced learning sessions.

These mentors are ready to answer your questions and help guide you through your journey.

6. Certificate

Finishing the online course will earn you a certificate. If you’re a freelancer, you can show this your clients as proof that you’re the real deal.



Your Coaches

Frances Cruz

Facebook Ads Coach

Jungie Gumiran

Business & Tiktok Coach

What’s Inside The Program

1. Basic to Advance Facebook Ads Course

These courses cover all the foundation and principles behind running successful ads to grow your business or your clients’ business.

Get inside my brain and see exactly our approach when managing multi-million campaigns from ads manager setup, creative secrets and structures.

You’ll discover…

✔ How to Increase your Facebook Ads success
By strategically building your assets before you launch.

✔ Effective targeting tactics
So can attract high-quality audiences that will buy your products or get your services.  

✔ The step-by-step formula in launching your ads.
Detailed yet easy to follow! So you can delegate it to your team.

✔ My Unique Approach in creating strategy.
Including my approach from research, campaign structure, ad creative formula and scaling

✔ The secrets behind scroll-stopping ad creatives 
that can lower your cost per purchase, cost per message and increase your ROAS.

And more!

2. TikTok Ads and TikTok Shop Course

One of the reasons why many businesses plateau is not realizing that it needs to innovate and be present on other platforms to sell.

Inside AdsLevelup, we don’t rely on one platform only.

We believe that to stay relevant and get the most of our social ads, our business should be in TikTok, too!

We created this course to equipped you with the knowledge in launching your ecommerce products in TikTok Shop & soon, confidently sell more using TikTok Ads!

In this course, you will learn:

✔ Organic TikTok Monetization

Including TikTok Shop Setup, live selling tips and how you can drive more traffic in your shop.

✔  Step-By-Step TikTok Ads Setup

Yes, it’s easy! We’ll help you get started so you can start running ads asap!

✔ How to Create your TikTok Ads Strategy

And see what specific strategy is perfect for your goals.

✔ Sell using your Affiliates!

Know how you can leverage influencers so you can sell more even when you’re sleeping. 

“This is great, Jungie! But what if I’m done with the courses and still have lots of questions as I run my campaigns?

Don’t worry! I’ve been there too. The reality is: Even if we watch hundreds of online tutorials, or implement advanced strategies to sell my products…

You will never run out of questions!

That’s why to ensure higher Facebook and TikTok Ads success for our students, we created the support group!

3. Join Your Support Group

Here you can get support you need if you think you’re lost, feeling overwhelmed, or looking for inspiration to be better!

And network with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and freelancers rooting for you! Also inside the support group:

✔ Meet your mentors! They have managed multiple businesses and were able to generate multi-million results! (Learn from them by joining mentor groups)

✔ Collaborate with a community of experts, freelancers, entrepreneurs, agency owners, industry experts, & empire builders.

✔ Attend online and offline events via exclusive invite!

✔ Learn working strategies from different niches, get free bonus training in Ecommerce, build a business and more!

Yes, show me how!


So, How Much is

Let’s recap what you’ll get when you enroll:

The entire bundle costs Php60,000.

But you will not pay even half that amount…

Because right now, the AdsLevelUp Program is just Php25,000 (or 2 payments of Php15,000). 

Yes, show me how!


Want to Level Up in Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads?

Everything you need is HERE!

AdsLevelUp Program

25,000 only!

(Or 2 payments of Php15,000)


AdsLevelUp Program

₱25,000 only!

(Or 2 payments of Php15,000)


How We Change Lives!


What Happens If You Don’t Enroll Now?

👨‍💻 If you’re a freelancer:

Every day, hundreds of freelancers enroll in courses like this to learn how to create better-performing ads.

The competition is getting more fierce!

If you wait too long, mapag-iiwanan ka ng mga newbies ngayon and they will become experts…

… charging premium rates while you’re still learning and struggling to find clients.

👨‍💼 If you’re a business owner:

All things being equal, the business with the better ads will always win. 

Because they are able to target their ideal buyers and show them ads that are relevant to them. 

Even if your product is superior to anything else on the market, if people don’t know about it. No one will buy.

There’s a cost to not taking action…

Whether you enroll or not, make sure you’re always moving towards your goals and dreams.

Because the cost of not taking action now are missed opportunities and regret.


Save Php 5,000 When You Pay in Full!